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2018年2月17日 : ビューティーエクスペリエンスより

2018 04 04 に新発売 予定の
THROW hair color care を
メーカーさん昨日 持って来てくれました。まだサンプル品ですが、早速 (Spring🍓🌸) には入荷しますのでお楽しみに、、、。

2017December 1st. : 🍋picking a lemon

Plucking the other day

Cut to the tea.☕I put
(Good than I expected)
🎄12 months from today🎠Cold🏂Yes🌲
Approaching the step and winter air
I came to dry. But
🎅It is warm inside
2017December 1st. : Capped bottles in (plastic model)

Cracked. (Crack)
Safe closed masher🍮

🎃Also gift containers. Similarly
The remaining soup and then exit.🍁🍂
201711 / 25. : Store this morning

Sunny in the morning
This morning lemon

2017年11月22日 : 🚏🚌 🚕🚖🚎🚏Sunny day
It is a road well through the bus and taxi.
9Well pass along the car 号senn🚗

🌤️On the day I took
When was it??
Students of the Christmas event
that poster brought to paste
🌁⛄🌁🐧❄️Come the season.