Yonago-Shi kokaido crossing Salon field is. You for visiting the home page thank you.                   8/18/2015 be 18 years!


2018年8月8日 : Announcement of the summer holidays
2018Year's Obon holiday notice
Will be closed.
* August 19.(No. 3 Sunday)The open instead.
[Also in and look forward to your visit:

Now🎐The Seagull-print work while it is,,,
Not in time guide,,,
Great inconvenience to apologize.
2018March 1st. : Sales during the holidays
Azalea flowers bloom before the Auditorium
It is today clear

Every week on Monday and no. 3 Sunday closed
Otherwise, it is during the golden week
We are open as usual,,,.
4September 30(Monday)Is on holiday.
I look forward to your visit or.
2018On February 17. : More beauty experience

2018 04 04 In the new release
THROW hair color care
Manufacturers I brought some yesterday. Is still a prototype, but I (🍓🌸) To the stock, so....

2017December 1st. : 🍋picking a lemon

Plucking the other day

Cut to the tea.☕I put
(Good than I expected)
🎄12 months from today🎠🏂Yes🌲
Approaching the step and winter air
I came to dry. But
🎅It is warm inside
2017December 1st. : Capped bottles in (plastic model)

Cracked. (Crack)
Safe closed masher🍮

🎃Also gift containers. Similarly
The remaining soup and then exit.🍁🍂